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Project Description
A simple application for populating and viewing XML files which comply with the published FATCA schema.

A simple application to allow creating/editing/viewing XML files compliance with the IRS's published schema ( This application is currently working with the latest schema version (v1.1) and I plan to keep it updated if any new versions become available.

This was just a quick project to become more familiar with the schema and while doing that I decided to try to create a UI to allow manipulation of the files. The core functionality I was really interested in was generating classes from the schema, populating them with data, serializing back to XML, and then validating the output both against the schema and the additional requirements as described in the IRS's Schema User Guide.

This is a very initial version which is pretty fully functional, but could use a lot of refactoring to clean up the code and I'll likely migrate to WPF/MVVM in the future.

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